Control Series

The original paddles that put CRBN on the map. From amateurs to pros, CRBN Pickleball Paddles are famous for their unparalleled power and control on the court. Don't settle–it's time to upgrade your game.



Our original line of CRBN paddles, introduced in 2021, have quickly gained recognition in the pickleball industry for their exceptional spin, control, and overall playability. They feature T700 carbon fiber on the surface which outperforms surfaces of other materials. The T700 provides a soft and forgiving feel while also delivering ultimate spin and rate of deflection. The polypropylene cores of varying thicknesses sandwiched between the carbon fiber provide a great balance of power and control. 

If you're looking for the ultimate control in dinking and resetting balls, we recommend the Control Series of CRBN paddles. These paddles are favored by many of our pro athletes who prioritize a soft game over power.


Our Power Series paddles offer the same shapes as our Control Paddles, but with added technology to increase power and durability. Reinforced edges and handle increase the density and size of the sweet spot, while a layer of heat-sealed carbon fiber adds stiffness and strength to the paddle. 

While the Control paddles are known for their soft game, the Power Series is better suited for players who want more power at the expense of a small amount of control. While the Power Series is priced a bit higher due to the additional materials and technology it takes to produce, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice for all players or that it is better. It’s simply just different and each player will have their owner preference. Beginners or players who prioritize the soft game likely will prefer the Control Series, while those that prioritize power definitely will want to go to the Power Series. It’s all personal preference and we recommend catering to your own skills and play style.