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I just love all the paddles in the CRBN suite. My favorite is the CRBN 1X. It's high quality construction, feel & pop is exactly the right fit for my game. I am so glad I tried this paddle!

Natasha L. (Massachusetts)

I love my new CRBN paddles. Great power, great control, free and easy feel! I've been playing winning pickleball since I got them. Thanks Team CRBN!

Jason G. (Colorado)

Really am enjoying the control and spin I am getting with my new 3X. So much better than my previous paddle, but this is noticeably better than the other brands.

Karl R. (Texas)

The CRBN 2X is by far the best paddle that I've used when it comes to paddle twist stability. This paddle has great power, control and forgiveness. Love it!

Bill G. (N. Carolina)

I have been using a CRBN paddle for a few years now. This last purchase I decided to go with the 16 mm width and I love it. So much control...

Howard N. (California)

I should be a rep. I have had 6 friends buy a CBRN paddle in St. Louis just by borrowing mine. I have the 1x (14mm) 2x and 3x . (16mm). Love these paddles!!

Gregg G. (Missouri)

The CRBN paddle has been a nice add to my game with enough power along with spin control I didn’t know I could have. The shorter handle is perfect for me and allows for more offensive shots. Won my first medal at 4.0 with it

Kimberly S. (New Jersey)

Went from using a pure touch paddle to the 1x and man my game has improved tremendously just with the paddle. I was a 3.5 before, I’m now a 4.0 just from using this paddle. Perfect power/control balance!

Kaden W. (Virginia)

This is my third paddle and I love it. I’ve tried others but nothing respond like CRBN paddles. I highly recommend the product and the company!

Steven M. (Florida)

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