Are There Local Clubs or Groups That People Join to Play? And What Is the Cost?

Yes, people can join local clubs and groups to play pickleball.

Below are some pickleball clubs and groups and their cost.

  • Pickleball America: I practice pickleball at Pickleball America. The standard one-year membership fee per person is $199. The charges are different for families, teachers, and the military. Join me at Pickleball America in Stamford every Tuesday and Thursday at 4.00 P.M, and let’s enjoy pickleball together. 
  • House of Pickleball Group: The group's introductory 2-month-only fee is $21.50, and the regular monthly fee is $13.50 (annual $148.50). You will have to pay $45 monthly or $495 annually for a frequent play. They are located at 115 Kay Todd Road, Leland, NC 28451. Pickleball beginning classes are held every Wednesday and Saturday, and the fee is $30 per person. 
  • Anchorage Pickleball Club: To join the club, you must fill in the registration form and pay $25 by cash or check for dues. Outdoor places to play include Ben Boeke Outdoor Courts and Harvard Park Tennis courts, while indoor playing areas include O'Malley Sports Center and Spenard Recreation Centre.