How to Get Started in Pickleball

For Someone Interested in Playing Their First Game, What Are the First Steps?

The first step is to learn pickleball terminology.

Some pickleball websites have comprehensive lists explaining most pickleball terms. Pickleball Portal is my favorite pickleball site to learn pickleball vocabulary. 

Pickleball Rookie is another site where you can learn pickleball terminologies. Wikipedia and pickleball equipment sites can also help you understand the terms used in the game. 

Afterward, visit a highly-rated pickleball store. While you can learn what type of paddle you need to play pickleball by watching YouTube videos, a pickleball store owner can help you choose what equipment to buy based on your height, weight you can handle, and budget. 

Join a pickleball group or club to learn how to play pickleball. Pickleball players are friendly people. You won't feel out of place. Instead, you'll have wonderful fun playing your first game.

Where Can Beginners Find Basic, Free Resources to Learn More About How to Play Pickleball?

Beginners can find basic, free resources to learn how to play pickleball on YouTube, sites, books, and local classes and clubs.

  • YouTube: There are many videos on YouTube that explain pickleball rules, the equipment needed, how to choose the best, and how to improve your skills. The advantage of learning from YouTube is that you can see what to do, how to do it, and what not to do. My favorite channel to learn pickleball basics as a beginner was Pickleball Highlights and The narrators were audible and straightforward, giving excellent illustrations that helped me understand the game better.
  • Pickleball sites: These sites include Pickleball Union, USA Pickleball, and Most top websites have a YouTube channel, making it easy to see what they explain in blog posts. 
  • Pickleball beginner books: You can buy books on Amazon and learn the basics of pickleball. How to Play Pickleball for Beginners by Michael Brown, I Dink I Can Play by Steve Marshill, and Pickleball for Beginners by Grant Dittman are examples of highly-rated pickleball books you can buy from Amazon.
  • Local classes and clubs: You can attend pickleball classes in your area and learn the basics. Sarah Ansboury Academy and Lucky Shot Pickleball Club are some places to learn pickleball.