Future of Pickleball

What Is the Future of Pickleball? Should I Get Involved?

More investors are expected to invest in the game. Marc Larsy, the billionaire and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group, claims that he expects more investments in upstart sports leagues such as pickleball because such games have the potential to offer a higher rate of return than NBA teams.

Steve Kuhn, the founder of Major League Pickleball (MLP), predicted the number of pickleball players will increase to 40 million by 2030.

Players can help this market grow by continuing to spread the word about the physical and mental benefits of playing pickleball.

Are There Any Emerging Trends or Changes in the Sport I Should Know About?

Yes, there are numerous emerging trends and changes in pickleball that you should know about because they will impact how you play.

Emerging trends in pickleball include:

  • Changes in pickleball rules: Pickleball rules are ever-changing. For instance, as of the 2023 pickleball rules, USA Pickleball has outlawed the chainsaw serve and made other revisions to minimize conflict between players and referees.
  • Advanced player strategies: With new paddle technology and an increased number of competitive players, pickleball players are now embracing a more assertive approach in their gameplay. Professional and casual pickleball players are now experimenting with new methods, such as aggressive serves, smashes, and volleys, to take control of the game.
  • High socks: Pickleball players wear high socks on and off the court. While there is no scientific proof, some pickleball players believe high socks can help prevent injuries and offer additional support. Kyle Yates is one of the pro pickleball players who often wears high socks in tournaments.