Option #2 - Join the CRBN Family

For Tournament Players

For those of you willing to keep your CRBN paddles, please click the green button below and fill out the form. You will get the 4 things below sent directly to your provided email address as soon as our Customer Service Team can get to it. Usually within 2 business days.

When using any of your codes at checkout, make sure you use the same email you submit in the form or the code will not work. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or codes.

You KEEP your existing paddle for rec play, demoing, practice, etc. and then get the following for $60:

  1. A brand new USAP-approved CRBN Paddle of your choosing ($180 value)
  2. ‘Friends & Family’ pricing of 15% off on any future purchases on crbnpickleball.com FOR LIFE! Welcome to the family. Use your unique code as many times as you'd like forever.
  3. Exclusive, one-time 20% off coupon from our partner retailer, pickleballsuperstore.com, the best place to buy your shoes, accessories, apparel, and paddles.
  4. Exclusive, one-time 15% off coupon from our partner retailer, justpaddles.com, the best place to buy your balls, bags, and paddles.

*Discounts cannot be combined.


When will I receive my codes?

Usually within 2 business days, but keep in mind, we are a small team doing our best to get to everyone as quick as possible. They will be sent to the email you provide us in the form. Please be patient.

Will my code expire?


Can I use my 'Friends & Family' code on any product?

Yes. This code can be used on any full-priced item listed on our website, www.crbnpickleball.com, now and in the future.

Can it be combined with any other offer or code?


Can I give my code to a friend?

No, your code is attached to your email address. You are welcome to order on behalf of your friend though and using your email during checkout.

Can I resell my code?

No, your unique code is attached to your email address and will not work for anyone else.

Can I pick more than one Option?

No, you are only allowed to pick one Option. If you purchased more than one paddle, you must submit your option once for each paddle you purchased.