The Essential Move All Pros Need But Often Forget

pickleball player holding a CRBN paddle

If you're overlooking THIS fundamental of play, you're seriously hurting your game…

It's not the kind of move like the overhead slam that gets a crowd roaring, but it's absolutely essential.

A technique every pro drills, but 99% of players don’t…

Ready for the big reveal? It’s...

The Split Step

So, what’s a split step in pickleball?

Split step is an easy-to-master game strategy that is all about timing and positioning—it puts you in the perfect spot to hit challenging shots, like when the ball lands at your feet and hitting a third shot drop.

It’s just a small hop and landing on both feet, but it's the difference between scrambling around and smoothly controlling play.

To split step, you spread your feet out wider than your shoulder width apart and bend your knees a little bit.

Here's a CRBN Tutorial Video with Pro Walter Lau to help you better understand split stepping.

SASS: The Acronym to Master the Split Step Technique

SASS in the split step strategy stands for:

S - Stabilize
A - Anticipate
S - Shift
S - Swing or Block

Right after your opponent hits the ball, you make a small hop (Stabilize), read your opponent’s body and paddle (Anticipate), shift your weight to intercept (Shift), and then make your play (Swing or Block).

The split-step rhythm keeps you one step ahead and primes you to move in any direction. It may not be as glamorous as other pickleball game strategies, but it’s a pro move that might be the key to winning more matches.

Try split-stepping in your next pickleball game, and let us know what happens.

It’s Not All About Strategies, Gear Matters Too

Mastering split stepping and other game techniques and strategies isn't everything you need to keep your game up. Having the right gear is equally important.

One is a CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I’m about to tell you how much it can help you get the shots right.

CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser

CRBN Pickleball Paddle Eraser

The CRBN Paddle Eraser is the perfect tool to keep your paddle in top condition. It's designed to easily clean off those little pieces of fibers that come off on your paddle face and reduce your spin and control.

The perfect way to maintain your paddle freshness is by using a CRBN Paddle Eraser. Garret explains how to correctly use a CRBN Paddle Eraser to perfectly clean dirt off your paddle.

So, order the CRBN Paddle Eraser now and let us know how it impacts your gameplay.

More Equipment to Elevate Your Play: CRBN 2023 Best Sellers!

If you're looking for a few more CRBN products, check out these best-sellers that are going super fast that we believe are perfect to take your game to the next level.

CRBN 1X Power Series (Elongated Paddle)

CRBN 1X Power Series (Elongated Paddle)

  • More power, control and spin
  • Less forgiving
  • Best for two-handed shots
CRBN Quick-Dry Trucker Hat

CRBN Quick-Dry Trucker Hat

  • Holds shape, always
  • Vented to keep your head cool
  • Fits well, comfortable and sharp-looking
CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

  • Spacious than you can never imagine
  • Lots of compartments
  • Made from quality and rain-resistant material
CRBN Lead Tape Strips

CRBN Lead Tape Strips

  • Gives your paddle more power and spin and a larger sweet spot
  • Sticks firmly and for long
  • CRBN logo-coated strips ensuring no contact with the lead

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