Reflecting on the Past & Looking Ahead

As the year comes to an end, it's a time for gratitude and reflection.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your incredible support.

It's been an amazing year, and as we look back, it's crazy to see how far we've come – both as a community and as a brand.

It’s got me thinking back to where it all started.

Back in 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak, I found myself without a job but stumbled upon a new passion – pickleball.

Playing relentlessly and ping into tournaments, my doubles partner Ryan and I noticed a gap. None of the paddles really felt like a fit for our play style.

CRBN Pickleball founder Garret Gosselin and his friend Ryan

That's when the idea hit us: "Why not make our own paddles?"

After a TON of research, I realized carbon fiber was the way to go. Carbon fiber was a new technology in pickleball paddles at the time, and we were one of the first to use it in the sport.

But how could we not? It stood out for its unbeatable spin, control, power absorption, and durability.

Not to mention, carbon fiber looks incredibly cool.

Durable, with a gritty surface that enhances spin and outlasts traditional textures, carbon fiber paddles have become the choice for players who value speed, responsiveness, and power in their game.

Honestly, this material is in a league of its own.

Fast forward three weeks, and the first prototypes of what would become CRBN's hallmark paddle – the CRBN¹ 16mm – arrived.

CRBN¹  Elongated Paddle

For us, it was a big moment. It was a dream we made appear out of thin air. If you’ve ever created something, you know how awesome that feeling is.

And playing with those prototypes, we knew we had something special.

We never intended to start a business – initially, they were just for us. But once players at our local courts felt it for themselves, they wanted a CRBN paddle too.

That was my "a-ha" moment. Partnering with a childhood friend, who was both an engineer and an established entrepreneur, CRBN Pickleball was born.

We've been on a rocketship ever since, and we’ve stayed grounded by our love for the game and the incredible pickleball community.

As we step into the new year, we're still that scrappy, agile company, continually innovating to bring you the best in pickleball gear.

Here's to another year of growth, community, and, most importantly, pickleball.

Wishing you all a fantastic end to the year and an even more exciting start to the next.

To kickstart your new year, below are our top CRBN recommendations that we believe can level your gameplay.

Our New Year's Recommendations

CRBN 1X Power Series (Elongated Paddle) for Extra Powerful Shots

CRBN 1X Power Series (Elongated Paddle)

  • Unmatched power, control, and spin
  • Long handle ideal for two-handed shots
  • Has a soft touch, is flexible, and is quiet.

CRBN Quick-Dry Trucker Hat to Keep Your Hair in Place and Your Head Fresh

CRBN Quick-Dry Trucker Hat

  • Comfortable and has an adjustable snap-back to ensure it fits well on your head
  • Made from a super durable yet lightweight material, quick-dry multi-spandex, which is water-repellant, floatable, and breathable
  • Stylish and sharp-looking

CRBN Pro Team Backpack to Fit All You Need for Your Pickleball Game

CRBN Pro Team Backpack

  • Lots of compartments to safely carry your belongings
  • High-quality and durable YKK zippers
  • Padded air mesh back straps

CRBN Lead Tape Strips for a Heavier Paddle

CRBN Lead Tape Strips

  • The simplest and easiest fix for less paddle weight
  • Guarantees a larger sweet post, more spin, and power
  • CRBN logo-coated strips, so there is no direct contact with the lead

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