Buyers Guide: CBRN Pivot Pickleball Glasses

CBRN Pivot Pickleball Glasses

When you’re on the pickleball court, you need every advantage to outwit your opponents.

That’s why you need the best pickleball glasses to help you see clearly, easily track the ball, perform better, and protect your eyes from injuries.

CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses

Why Should You Buy CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses?

Reason #1: Get Ultimate Protection for Your Eyes

Every time you play pickleball there’s a risk of eye injury which can cause pain and cost you lots of money in medical expenses. To prevent this, use glasses that can offer premium protection while you play.

These glasses are built with sturdy, impact-resistant, lightweight TR90 frames, meaning you can safely execute defensive shots during intense matches.

Reason #2: Adaptive Visibility for Flawless Indoor and Outdoor Play

The photochromic glass lenses are naturally clear indoors and in shaded areas, providing an unobstructed view.

While in UV light, they transition to a mild-dark tint to improve visual comfort and ensure only a little light reaches your eyes.

On bright and sunny days, these lenses will allow little light to go through them (15%), and more light (83%) will go through them during low-light conditions.

Whether you’re playing pickleball indoors or outdoors, the adaptive visibility feature will allow you to present your best forehand and shine on the court.

The photochromic CRBN pickleball glasses

What’s more, they block 99% to 100% of UV rays as they can darken to UV400 based on the amount of UV light exposure. You’ll be fully protected from harmful sun rays when playing in direct sunlight.

You’ll enjoy a clear field of vision and depth perception throughout as the glasses won’t warp your sense of vision even when repeatedly worn and taken off.

If you ever need a clearer view, simply switch to the amber lenses—they provide a deeper and more crystal view in low-light conditions.

Best of all, these lenses highlight greens and yellows, allowing you to easily track the pickleball ball while playing outdoors.

Reason #3: 2-in-1 Glasses With an Unlimited Field of View

CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses (edgeless option)

To return low shots, like dinks and third shot drops, you need to look farther down your pickleball glasses.

In such a case, full-frame glasses, which have a thicker frame, may hinder your field of view. Therefore, edgeless frames would be more suitable for supporting peripheral vision.

Whether your eyes travel far to the left, right, up, or down, you will still be looking through the lenses. You’ll still play at peak performance as changes in lighting won’t affect your vision.

Fortunately, you don't need to get two separate pairs of glasses to experience this. With our glasses, you get two edgy designs for the price of one glass.

CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses (full-frame)

Other Important Features of the Edgy Pickleball Glasses

Adjustable Rubber Nose and Adjustable Textured Arms for Comfort

Adjustable Nose + Arms

The CRBN pickleball glasses are one-size-fits-all. Not only do the glasses’ flexible arms adjust to your head size for a snug fit, but they also stay in place even during a sweaty game.

When you’re on the court you’ll successfully return low shots without worrying about your glasses falling off and messing up the flow.

Additionally, you can adjust the nosepiece to wherever you feel comfortable. You can have it higher, in the middle, or lower on your face.

Prescription Lens Insert to Fit Your Prescription Glasses

Prescription lenses on the CRBN pickleball glasses

There’s no end to the versatility of our pickleball glasses as you can fit your prescription lenses in and rock them.

All you need to do is use the insert locks in the package to safely place your prescription lenses on the top of the nose guard.

Flexible, Modular, and Highly Durable

Since they are 100% modular, you’ll have an easy time removing, replacing, or adding parts to customize your glasses how you like.

Additionally, their flexible nature means you can wear them with arms tucked underneath your pickleball hat or over the top of your hat.

What Others Said About the CRBN Glasses

As you might have guessed, the CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses are highly rated.

I believe it’s because they offer more than just what you need in pickleball glasses. Even Redditors are sharing what they love about the glasses and giving raving recommendations about them.

Below are some of the customer reviews. You can visit the CRBN page to read more reviews.

Thank you!

“I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the folks at CRBN who designed these glasses for Pickleball. Not sure what the impact rating is. However, we can now say firsthand that they can take a men's 4.5 full forehand to the lens from mid-court to NVZ and come out fine. My son took the shot above directly to the lens (would have hit the left eye square) today. He tried to dodge but didn't have the time as the ball was crushed off another brand paddle (the brand that identifies their paddles with three numbers). No marks on his nose, no scratches on the lens, and the lens stayed in the frame. My son took the glasses off, checked them, and lined up to receive the next serve.” Dan, United States. CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses.

Pivot glasses

“I like the CRBN pivot glasses. It looks good, and it doesn't fog up when I'm playing at night in the cold.” Kem D, United States CRBN Pivot Glasses.

Amazing Shades

“These glasses are insane. The transition lenses are awesome, and perfect for bright sunlight or night play. The amber lens is great for low-light play, cloudy weather, or dusk conditions. And they come with an insert for prescription lenses, just amazing they have thought of everything with these glasses. I love the adjustable nose piece and the option to have a full or half frame.” Ryan L, United States. CRBN Pivot Glasses.

Surprisingly awesome!

“I couldn't be more pleased, particularly for indoor use. I've tried 6-8 different pairs of glasses, including low-end (bought Goodr sunglasses and removed the lenses b/c their frame is so sturdy) to higher-end brands that were 50% more expensive. These fit well, don't have glare, provide a huge viewing surface, better protect my eyes and eye sockets, and make me forget I'm actually wearing them. Well done CRBN!”. Tad F, United States. CRBN Pivot Glasses.

Fashion meets Function

“These CRBN pickleball glasses not only protect the eye but I can see well out of them and they look so sporty. I was concerned because I have a small face but they fit nicely and I don't have to keep adjusting them. I need to get the amber lenses for evening play!” Deirdre M, United States. CRBN Pivot Glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Lens Is Best for Pickleball?

The best lens colors for pickleball glasses are red, rose, orange, brown, and amber because they give you a clearer view of the pickleball ball in contrast to the court.

Should You Wear Glasses When Playing Pickleball?

Yes, you need pickleball glasses because they are specially designed to protect your eyes and enhance your performance.

Are There Prescription Pickleball Glasses?

Yes, the best pickleball glasses come with a prescription insert that allows you to safely put your prescription glasses on top of the pickleball glasses. 

Where Can I Read CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses Reviews?

The best place to read CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses reviews is the CRBN Pivot Pickleball Glasses page. Visit the page and scroll to the bottom for all customer reviews.

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