Buyers Guide: Best Pickleball Bags

Best Pickleball Bags by CRBN

Saturday morning. The sun is shining under a clear, blue sky.

It’s the perfect day to play pickleball and you’re ready to be the star...except you can’t find your pickleball paddles in your old, cluttered bag.

The best pickleball bags can help you stay organized by keeping everything you need together and having separate pockets so you can quickly find what you need.

#1 The Do-it-all Bag #2 Easy Fit for Large Items #3 Best for Minimalists

CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

- Insanely spacious
- Inc. extra bag
- Multiple slots

CRBN Pro Team Backpack

CRBN Pro Team Backpack

- Easy-access front slot
- Very light
- Heat protection

CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

- expandable pockets
- Adjustable sling
- Water-resistant shell

#1 Choice: CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

The “Do-it-all” Bag: Separate Compartments to Fit All Essentials

CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

Why Should You Buy the CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag?

  • Why #1 - Most spacious

    If you need it for your game, chances are there’s a compartment to place it in. There are 6 compartments in total so you can separately pack your paddles, shoes, clothes, snacks, and bottle of water.

  • Why #2 - You get 2 bags in one

    For those times when you need only a few essentials, simply place them in the detachable zip-off sling bag and be on your way.

  • Why #3 - Stay cool and hydrated on hot days

    It includes a thermal-lined pocket that’s very handy for keeping your drinks cool and refreshing.

Other Important Features


If you have a heavy bag, it can be difficult to move around once you add in your essentials.

But this bag only weighs 3 lbs—about as heavy as a dumbbell. It’s also the lightest of all our pickleball bags.

Even players who wish to carry up to six paddles for their game will have an easy time moving about.

Water-Tight Carbon Fiber Outer Shell

There’s no telling what the weather will be when you’re out playing. That’s why you need this bag with a water-tight outer shell to ensure all your pickleball rackets and equipment stay dry despite weather changes.

What Others Said About the “Do-It-All” Bag

It’s the second-highest-rated bag after the Pro Team Backpack.

According to a Reddit thread answering the question, “What Is Your Favorite Pickleball Bag and Why?” The Pro Team Tour Bag has the most votes.

Additionally, it has over 97 customer reviews, out of which more than 95 are five stars. But with the many compartments, generous space, and a cute zip-off sling bag, the high rating is well-deserved.

Below are some of the features customers love.

  • Large enough to fit 4 to 5 paddles, shoes, food, clothes, and more without being too big or bulky
  • Waterproof high-quality material to keep your items dry and safe
  • It can be carried like a backpack

Check out the following customer reviews.

Love This Bag (Spacious)

“I can hold so much in this bag. I have 7 total paddles in the bag, my shoes, 10 balls (in a small tucked-away pouch), then in the center pouch I can fit multiple water bottles and there are still two additional side pockets not yet used. Very well-insulated and has such a clean look! I love the hooks for hanging.” Clinton W, United States. CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag

The Best Bag Ever

“I wasn't sure what to expect at first. The images look great...but this tour bag was even better when it came. Fits everything I could possibly want for rec games and also when I play tournaments. This thing looks so bad a**. I get compliments constantly. ” Jon S, United States. CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag

The Everything Bag

“... you can put everything in it! Shoes, clothes, food, 4 or 5 paddles, balls. Great material, seems waterproof and has a zip-off single paddle bag. How cool is that?” Sue G, United States. CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

This Bag Wins!

“Husband LOVES this bag. I did a lot of research on bags. Glad I surprised him with this for Christmas. He loves that he can carry it like a backpack and it has room for everything he needs without being too big and bulky. All the compartments are well-designed. High-quality material. Regardless of the pickleball score, this bag is a WIN!” Deri P, United States. CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0

#2 Choice: CRBN Pro Team Backpack

Top Pick for Easy Top/Front Access to Fit Large Items

CRBN Pro Team Backpack

Why Should You Buy CRBN Pro Team Backpack?

  • Why #1 - Protects your paddles from the heat which improves their durability

    If your pickleball paddles get exposed to high heat, they can get loose in some parts.

    That’s why the bag includes a padded, thermal-lined main compartment that can keep three of your best pickleball paddles safe from overheating.

  • Why #2 - It’s spacious without being bulky

    Measuring about 21.5 inches high, 12.5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep, it’s the second most spacious bag after the Pro Team Tour Bag and only weighs 3.5 lbs.

  • Why #3 - Front access to easily pack or retrieve large items

    Sometimes you’re in a rush to get the game started but getting your pickleball paddles out takes too much time. It can be frustrating.

    However, the Pro Team Backpack has a front opening that you can use to easily put in or remove larger items like a pickleball paddle instead of opening the bag from the top and pulling your item out.

Other Important Features

Padded Air Mesh Double Backpack Straps

The heavier your pickleball bag is, the more weight it will be on your shoulder and back. If the straps aren’t comfortable enough, you may end up hurting your collarbone.

That’s why we included two padded air mesh backpack straps to ensure comfort when carrying a heavy backpack for a long time.

Long-Lasting YKK Zippers

YKK zippers aren’t only high-quality but also get better with time. You may notice that the more you use them, the more they self-lubricate.

Unlike other zipper brands which become sticky and gritty, the zippers on our Pro Team Backpack become smoother with use, so you can easily open or close it.

User Experiences and Testimonials

The Pro Team Backpack boasts a rating of 5/5 based on over 124 customer reviews.

Below are the top five features customers love.

  • Perfectly designed with the right compartments and ample space
  • Easy accessibility of shoes and pocket
  • More hidden pockets inside the larger pocket
  • Quality construction makes it more durable
  • Stylish design

Below are some of the customer reviews.

Everything In There, Organized and Room to Spare

“Before my CRBN backpack, my pickleball gear was in and out of a general-purpose gym bag. I always had to double-check to make sure I had the right shoes, put my paddles in the bag, make sure there were balls in there, and carry my water bottle separately. With the Pro Team Backpack, everything is in there and has its own place, plus there is room to spare.

All with quality construction and a stylish design. Now, I just grab my backpack (with a water bottle inside) and head out the door knowing I have everything I need for a quick session or hours of pickleball. Plus there are small compartments for phone, keys or anything else so I always know where I’ve put them. The CRBN Pro Team backpack was a great buy—practical and just the right size with great quality and design.” Andy C, United States. CRBN Pro Team Backpack

CRBN Rocks!

“Great backpack! Lots of room for all my pickleball gear with lots of pockets. Awesome looking unit that does the job so well. Great comments from my pickle friends! Makes me look like a pro.” Scott P, United States. CRBN Pro Team Backpack

Just the right size

“I've used the pack now for a couple of weeks and it's great—I'm a pocket person and this has plenty, still getting used to all of them. I have size 14 shoes and this fits them, a bit tight but they're good.

The side pockets are a bit tight for the pickleball but they're good and I use one of the side pockets for my phone. I fit 3 paddles in there and that's probably the limit. It's lightweight, padded, and super versatile—I'd highly recommend it!!” David B, United States. CRBN Pro Team Backpack

#3 Choice: CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

Top Pick for Minimalists: Lightweight, Minimal Carry

CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

Why Should You Buy CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag?

  • Why #1 - You’ll enjoy the flexibility of use with huge or small luggage

    Looking for a bag that can adjust to the size of your luggage? Here’s one with expandable pockets allowing it to do just that.

    On days when you’re carrying extra gear, you can fit them in the expandable pockets, and when you’re carrying light luggage, the pockets stay “hidden”, so they aren’t in the way.

  • Why #2 - You can adjust it for more comfort

    Not only does the bag have an adjustable sling to provide more comfort, but it also has clips on both sides, so it’s up to you to choose which shoulder to carry it on. This not only makes the bag adaptable but also more stylish.

Other Important Features

Discrete Fence Hook

Putting down your pickleball bag can make it dirty and damage its exterior shell. To maintain the quality of your bag, use the discrete fence hook to hang your bag while you play.

When done, simply tuck away the hook and carry it home.

What Others Said About the Minimalist Bag

The Pro Team Sling Bag currently holds a 4.5/5 based on only 35 customer reviews.

Here is a summary of what Pro Team Sling Bag customers had to say about their purchase.

  • Lightweight bag, so you can carry more with it without being worried about it being too heavy
  • Perfect for a 3-hour session because you only need a few things for such short sessions
  • The excellent texture and quality of the make it more durable, and it tears well
  • Enough pockets to store phones, wallets, keys, and a few other personal belongings

Below are a few customer reviews.

Fantastic Lightweight Bag

“This bag is fantastic. It has tons of well-thought-out pockets. I can fit a 40oz water bottle (without zipping the pocket) in one side pocket or a 24oz water bottle and zip it up. And four balls in the other side pocket. I am able to carry two paddles and a pair of shoes in the main compartment. Everything is constructed so well. The fence hook is awesome as well, I love this bag!” Ryan L, United States.CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

PickleBall Delight!

This bag is the perfect size and is made with quality that I have come to expect from all CRBN products. The price is exceptional when you compare to other PB bags provided by other brands. The material is sturdy and water resistant, the bag is professional in appearance and stealthy. The hideable fence hook on the top is used every time to easily identify my bag on the fence.

I store 2 paddles, 11-13 pickleballs (3 in front pocket, 4 each to bilateral side zip pockets, and 2 within the main compartment beside paddle handle). The anterior top pocket is great for holding a measuring tape, Chapstick, and car keys. along with the two paddles in the main compartment there is extra room for a had, change of shirt, snacks, and a deodorant.

The lining of the bag is a nice grey with Thermoprotective features to protect your pickleball paddles which is important for thermoformed paddles and to prevent the softening of plastic. I am extremely proud to wear and use this product with each outing and couldn't recommend a more worthy pickleball-specific bag.

PS: If you want shoes in your bag this is not the one to get, I would recommend looking into the pro team tour 2.0 as an alternative.” Dylan O, United States. CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

Perfect Every Day Play Bag

“I was using a huge bucket-type bag. This sling bag has many nice pockets. I think you should offer 3 sling bag sizes! It’s great for 3-hour sessions of play. I love the paddle eraser as well!” Johanna C, United States. CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

Holds just enough for a session on the courts...

The Pro Team Sling bag is very well made. I was excited to open the box and start filling and using it. I have had it almost a week, and used it every day but the one I didn't play. 2 paddles, 2 balls, a small container of food, a sweat towel, pill bottles, emergency kit, and room for more, all in the main compartment...

My G%&^#*x glasses fit, case and all, in the top pocket...The back horizontal pocket will hold a 20 oz Kleen Kanteen bottle, snugly, for an idea of its size..The two side horizontal pockets will, again snugly, hold each a 24 oz Hydro Flask bottle...I love the hidden phone/wallet pocket that is against your back...On IG, I did a short, positive review video, if you search the product there…” Aaron S, Canada. CRBN Pro Team Sling Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Pickleball Bag?

The CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag is the premier pickleball bag because it has lots of space, thermal-lined compartments, a FREE sling bag, and a vented shoe compartment.

Which Is the Top Pickleball Bag With a Shoe Compartment?

The CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0 is the top pickleball bag with a vented shoe compartment. It has more space than you can imagine and compartments to keep your drinks, snacks, and other gear at the right temperature.

Which Are the Top Pickleball Bags for Ladies?

The top pickleball bags for ladies are the Pro Team Tour Bags. Hannah Blatt, a passionate pickleball player, owns a CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag 2.0.

Where Can I Read CRBN Pickleball Bags Reviews?

You can read pickleball bag reviews on the CRBN website. Visit the site, click on the bag you want, and scroll down to the bottom for customer reviews.

Which is the Most Stylish Pickleball Bag?

The CRBN Pro Team Tour Bag is the most stylish. Not only does it have a FREE detachable sling bag but you can also carry it as a backpack or duffel bag.

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